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Abseil off the i360, enjoy lunch in Alfriston, explore local gardens & chill out with some jazz!

Welcome to this week’s newsletter which has seen me released from Covid captivity!

I hope you’re enjoying the fabulous weather although word has it, it’s going to break tonight. But with Father’s Day this weekend, I thought I’d bring you a diverse selection of things to do, from the sublime to the darn right mad.

Those of you who follow us on social media may have noticed that we persuaded Lisa Brace to abseil off the Brighton i360 by way of test driving this new attraction. She said she loved it which confirms my view that she is probably insane! But it’s definitely an idea for the dads!

After abseiling, you may need to be very nice to them for a while!  With that in mind, head east to beautiful Alfriston and enjoy lunch at The Star (of Alex Polizzi fame), or head west, and get tickets for the sublime Jazz, Gin, and Blues festival at Loxwood Meadow.

If dad’s still jittery, I’d recommend exploring some NGS gardens and, as this week Sussex was finally awarded the Protected Designation of Origin status for its wine, finish your weekend with a good bottle of Sussex plonk! Father’s Day well and truly sorted! You’re welcome.

Have a great weekend.


Sussex Exclusive

Abseil down the Brighton i360

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