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Relax, unwind and dig in with this week’s newsletter. It’s nearly time to eat, drink and be merry after all.

It all feels a bit mad and frantic doesn’t it? The helter-skelter of a ride towards Christmas, when we all rush around like mad so that we can have a few days off to recover from the exhaustion we’ve created. Even the weather seems to have been caught up in the madness of it all throwing a barrage of sun, frost and storms at us. SE HQ nearly floated away on Tuesday!

In amongst all this chaos there appear to be two things on my mind that suggest to me it must be nearly Christmas, and they are: food and drink on the one hand and getting outside on the other, to burn off all that has been consumed. And that is very much the theme of this week’s newsletter.

I’ve got another stunning South Downs walk for you as well as a chance to do some stargazing at Beachy Head. The South Downs are food for the soul and give us Sussex folk a great place to go and take a step back from the hurly-burly of life, whether that’s now, or during the no man’s land that is in between Christmas and new year.

This week, however, we’re also shining the spotlight on Sussex beer and two great local producers. I hope this provides an interesting insight into what makes them tick, a bit of inspiration (good news stories in the face of the pandemic), and also, some ideas for edible Christmas goodies. And we all deserve those.

Right, that’s it for now, back to the madness for me. Have a great weekend. And wherever you’re going, don’t forget to take your mask.


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