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Sussex chocolates, sea swimming, ploughing matches and secrets!

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, brought to you in a week when the county’s gone a little mad.

This week is all about the detail as we bring you an eclectic selection of Sussex oddities, with a view to keeping your mind off the current queues for fuel and the all-around insanity that seems to be unfolding!

It never ceases to amaze me how many unusual and eccentric activities we have going on in Sussex and this week saw me sea swimming in Hove and then talking to a ploughman, a master chocolatier and a Sussex adventurer.

If the idea of sea swimming isn’t your thing, bear with us because you might just be surprised at how accessible and absolutely exhilarating it actually is. But if I really can’t convince you about that, then a chocolate masterclass is surely a sweet and sublime pursuit (made better by the fact we have a discount code for the next class).

Ploughing and ploughing matches are an inherent part of our Sussex heritage as well as a great chance to get outside with the kids. They happen across the county throughout the autumn, and this week we’re spotlighting the Hurstpierpoint District Ploughing Match taking place near Shoreham. For those who have never been, it’s a good old-fashioned and wholesome day out.

If all is said and done, you’d rather get out and explore Sussex on your own, then have a look at our review of the recently published Secret Sussex. It is literally packed to the rafters with ideas of things to do and places to visit in Sussex that you may not have come across before.  If you pair that with our 25 Best Places to Visit in Sussex feature which we published earlier this week, it should keep you busy until well into the New Year.

And that only leaves one challenge unconquered, and that is … filling the tank. Good luck with that and don’t forget there is apparently an almighty storm rolling in on Sunday!

Have an interesting weekend.



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