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Hello and welcome! And a particularly warm welcome to all new subscribers, it’s wonderful to have you on board.

Well, what a week it’s been here in Sussex. At the weekend, I woke with a yearning to travel somewhere exotic. While I appreciate those of you that know Sussex may not think of the A23 and A27 as either exotic or scenic locations, at 6 am in the morning, with the sun rising over the South Downs, you might be surprised. In any event, that’s how, with work permit in hand (well my press card at least), I found myself on the sunny shores of Eastbourne a little after dawn on a Saturday morning. The last time I hung out in this corner of Sussex, I was a rebellious nightclubbing teenager and it’s fair to say I may not have appreciated the town’s charm as much as I should.  With brilliant blue skies, and the sun dancing off the waves, I had found my utopia and a welcome escape from the gloom. Not convinced? Well, trust me, I unearthed some absolute gems and I’ve put together perhaps one of my all-time favourite and wonderfully indulgent itineraries for a weekend away … I promise it will have you packing your bags.

And then, as if the universe is determined to make this year as weird as it possibly can, by Monday morning it was snowing a blizzard! Although not even snow could dampen the die-hard spirit of the Sussex pub-goer, swimmer and shopper! Freedom at last if only in small measures (something else we’ve got to get used to now the pubs are back open) and yes, my priorities included heading to the pool and the pub but not the hairdresser (I’ll live with the mad old woman look for a bit longer I think).

Drinking and swimming both make me hungry, so it didn’t take me long to sniff out something to eat. Well before lockdown, I was lucky enough to spend time with Louise and Les from The Artisan Bakehouse at the edge of the South Downs. They’re lovely people, and what they’ve created in the grounds of their 16th century farmhouse is really special. Their artisan bread-making workshops and chocolate masterclasses are open for business, so roll up your sleeves, pull up a plate, and dig in. And if you haven’t managed to book a suite in The Grand in Eastbourne, you could always check out their luxury shepherd’s hut too.

In other news, it can’t have gone unnoticed that we launched our website last week! Thank you for all the wonderful feedback and do let me know if there is a corner of Sussex or a stone unturned that you’d like to see included. If it’s humanly possible, your wish will be my command. In the meantime, please grab a drink, have a browse and enjoy. The bluebells are out, the dog hasn’t knocked me unconscious for at least three months, and the end of lockdown could just be in sight. This means, today is a good day.

Have a great weekend and see you out and about!



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