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Welcome to this week’s newsletter, it’s great to have you on board. Now, what do you fancy?

It’s been a week of rain and late-night adventures here in Sussex, culminating in sea swimming and moon bathing in the light of the full moon on Wednesday! And yes, it was a bit chilly! I was also lucky enough to be invited to an after-hours tour of Wakehurst. But more of all that anon.

After all the excitement of last week’s festival post (and yes, there is more to come in that series), I thought you might like something a bit more cerebral this week.  And the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne is a great place to start for something thought-provoking and brain-invigorating.

If you can’t get over to Eastbourne, what about checking into Daisy White’s Sussex creative writing retreat? Daisy is becoming increasingly well known as a best-selling author and this three-day country garden writing experience is designed to both help you relax and get those creative juices flowing.

And then of course there’s always food and drink to think about! Well in my world anyway. So how do you fancy local craft gins and an afternoon of world-class, open-air jazz or a seafood dining experience down on the coast with Cordon Bleu and “Regenerative Cooking” chef Jacqueline Wise?

Do check out the website too because there’s lots of other stuff going on and we’ve got a new walk and some great tips for coping with asthma this week from our local expert.

That’s it for now. The sun is finally shining and I’m off to try out a brand new market at Danefold in search of some tasty local goodies.

Have a great weekend.


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