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Welcome to this week’s newsletter. Let’s make hay while the sun shines!

Huzzah! Sunshine at last and what a glorious week it has been here in Sussex. Nature is a little behind schedule this year as a result of a wet May but this week was the one when everything burst into glorious, spring technicolor. Rich blue skies, emerald leaves, and vibrant blooms are now in abundance.

For my part, I seem to have become addicted to the South Downs Way (especially at sunset) and I also feel like I tried and tested the produce of every stall at the new Danefold Country Market.  I also strayed out of county to Surrey (gasp) for a quick spot of lake swimming …and I noticed with alarm, that as I left Sussex behind me, the temperature dropped and the sky clouded over. Good reason to stay here methinks.

As the 21st June deadline still hangs in the balance, this week we have the second in our Sussex festival series, a spot of moon bathing and some modern art for you to look forward to over the summer. Who needs foreign holidays anyway.

That’s it for now, have a great weekend.



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