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Sussex gin tasting, things to do in Arundel & a Petworth walk

Welcome to this week’s newsletter filled with all things Sussex.

Well, the last week has been a bit of a whirlwind as I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the county once more.

I froze half to death at Pevensey Castle (more of that in another edition), drank coffee on the banks of the River Arun at the Black Rabbit and then eaten like a king in Arundel having explored the town. I’ve drunk gin at the top of the i360 in Brighton (and a big shout out of thanks to the designated driver – who was volunteered for the job) and bathed my eyes in the pilgrimage site of the Virgin Mary Spring whilst walking near Petworth (and yes, they feel greatly refreshed).

In addition to which, the mornings and evenings are notably lighter, the air is definitely springier and the daffodils are out!

I’m off on a rare excursion out of the county this weekend to the big smoke with the Horsham Speakers, so wish me luck, I already feel like a fish out of water or perhaps a Saxon out of the Weald.

Have a great weekend.


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