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Welcome to this week’s newsletter. I hope you’ve had a good week and enjoy these super Sussex suggestions for the weekend!

Well, it’s been another week of fabulous weather here in Sussex. The bluebells are right on the cusp of being at their very best and the wild garlic is not far behind. If we’re lucky, there will be a few days in the next few weeks when they’re both in bloom together making an almost perfect spring landscape.

I’ve been out and about on the trails again this week (why do I always seem to end up in a vineyard) and was lucky enough that work took me to Rye and Winchelsea – surely two of the prettiest towns in the county!

Inspired by my excursions and with the weather set to stay fine, I’ve got some great ideas for you this week for a weekend break in a windmill and a fabulous bike ride to Winchelsea (I only fell off the bike once in the making of this itinerary!) or a trip to the magnificent Arundel Tulip Festival. And if you’re staying at home, what about salmon on the BBQ with our wine suggestion with friends?

What I’ve noticed most on my travels this week is that Covid has made people yearn for human contact and everyone I’ve met from a dog groomer on the marshlands at Camber Castle, to two delightful rambling ladies from Broadbridge Heath and the bird watchers of Icklesham have been keen to pause and chew the cud with me, much as they would have done in rural Sussex over the last few centuries. And there’s something immensely reassuring about that.

Well, that’s it from me, I have a BBQ to light and a cork to pop. Have a great weekend and catch up next week.


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Arundel Tulip Festival

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