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Jubilee celebrations, a forgotten Sussex village, a coastal garden & a Pitts-Stop!

Welcome to this week’s newsletter which is coming to you a day early due to the extra-long weekend!

The weather may be looking just ever so slightly “iffy” but Sussex is all set for a fabulous weekend, packed to the rafters with Jubilee celebrations! We’ve got a round-up of what’s going on in some of our Sussex towns for you, but whatever you’re doing, have a great time!

If Jubilee celebrations aren’t your thing, well, why not head down to the coast, and explore the forgotten Sussex village of Tide Mills in between Seaford and Newhaven. Not far from here, you’ll also find Driftwood by Sea, a small but award-winning garden (although I can’t promise that Driftwood’s master gardener, Geoff, won’t be full of the Jubilee spirit)!

There’s lots of fabulous walking in and around Seaford, and if you’re in the area, Alfriston is a bit of a must-visit. We’ll be re-visiting this historic village described as one of the prettiest in England soon, but I can wholeheartedly recommend a Pitts-Stop at The Singing Kettle.

Just before I sign off, we’re running a competition for amateur photographers. All the details are on our Facebook page. You can be any age to enter and the only requirement is that you have never been paid for any photos you’ve taken. The theme is: “The best thing about Sussex”. The winner will be chosen by our judging panel and will be showcased in our magazine and on our social media. The deadline is the 16th June and you can enter by sending your photos to

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend and do keep in touch via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.



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