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Welcome to this week’s newsletter which is brimming with things to do!

This week, Covid concerns nearly stopped play with all those around me dropping like flies. As a result, we’ve been testing daily here at SE HQ although it feels slightly like we’re trying to dodge an inevitable bullet.

When I did manage to get out for a trip to Brighton I got almost immediately distracted by the many museums and completely forgot why I’d gone to Brighton in the first place. There are 10 that I’ve found so far, so if you’re looking for something to do over half term, that should keep you busy. And if it doesn’t – I’ve included a link to 16 more things to do in Brighton!

For those that haven’t got children in tow, you may be tempted by our 7 Things to Do in Mayfield feature which includes an assortment of wine, windmills, woodworking, steam engines, classical music, bike rides, and cuckoos!

Ever mindful that sometimes all you need is a decent bite to eat or a good pub lunch, I’ve made it my mission to find some, with the first in our new Pitts-Stop series. And while you savor a pint and a bite to eat in front of a good pub fire don’t forget to test your knowledge of famous Sussex folk with the next in our series on that.

That’s it for now, I’m off to dig out my galoshes in advance of what is forecast to be a very wet weekend!  Take care.



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PS. I’ve just spotted the first Hawthorn blossom of the year here which surely means it’s the home straight to spring!

Brighton Kemptown

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