Sussex night walks, Arundel and a great Pitts-Stop

Welcome to this week’s newsletter which brings you a basket laden with food, night skies, walks, and Sussex history!

What glorious weather we had last weekend, perfect for exploring this month’s town of the month, Arundel, and for getting up on the Downs. Both Arundel Park and the South Downs provided plenty of food for the soul and hot on the heels of our recent post about night skies, this week we’ve got a few more night walks and stargazing ideas for you too.

It’s as well that I got out and about at the weekend because this week has also been about eating; from a Pitts-Stop café to pancakes and banoffee pie (if you follow our Facebook page, you’ll know how seriously I take eating in the name of research).

With an indigestion tablet in hand, I’m back off to Arundel and then on to Pevensey this weekend, for a full castle experience. Stay safe and have a good one.


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Arundel Castle

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