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Battle Abbey, smugglers’ trails, Sussex markets and a very funky hotel

Welcome to this week’s newsletter and our quick canter around the county!

Having recently returned from a jaunt to France, it’s good to be back in Sussex and it was also a salutary reminder that you don’t actually have to travel beyond our borders to enjoy rich pickings.

I’ve commented before about the colourful personalities I meet on my travels, and this week’s selections proved no exception. Battle Abbey had been both crochet bombed and bedecked in various bizarre, stuffed and life-sized figures. There was a middle-aged, rainbow clad, slightly inebriated dancer performing in the square. I have no idea why!

Horsham market is always full of interesting people, but I was delighted to find a man making little wooden sculptures out of fallen branches in a lay by on the way into town…reminded me of the travelling peg-maker who used to pitch up near Wineham in the 1970s. If you do make it to Horsham market do have a look at some of my other suggestions, like the heritage trails or the Horsham Cellar.

Frankly, if you want to meet life’s eclectic and colourful people, then what better place to stay than the wonderful Pelirocco Hotel in Brighton. Just check out the choice of rooms and they’re really nice people too!

Apart from that, if you like either history or walking, you might want to have a look at the Eastbourne Walking Festival which has got over 50 free walks to choose from. And whilst we’re on the subject of slightly healthier pursuits, do check out our Sussex Living section where we have some great advice to help support men’s health from our Pure Bio expert.

That’s it for now, I’m off to worship the Sun God and pray for an Indian summer. Have a great weekend.



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