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Supercars, Brighton oysters, gin and live music!

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, which comes with a big dollop of over indulgence.

We may not be celebrating football success this week but we can still celebrate life’s simple pleasures. And this week, they were many, starting with the sun finally bursting through the clouds after days of heavy rain and bringing with it a welcome sigh of relief.

If you live in West Sussex, you can’t really escape the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed which this year also filled the sky with the Red Arrows. As an event, it’s a gratuitously indulgent weekend spent in pursuit of pleasure and speed. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

If Goodwood wasn’t enough when it comes to over-indulgence, last weekend also saw the return of Sussex Gin Fest which had a fantastic festival vibe and a wonderful choice of local gins. As you know, I take my research into these things very seriously and time spent at Gin Fest was time well spent.

If you can’t go on holiday this year, you can still at least enjoy all that’s on offer in Sussex and this now includes live music at the iconic Eastbourne Bandstand (with fireworks) as well as fresh Brighton oysters delivered straight to your door.

So yes, this week is all about celebrating life’s simple pleasures. It may not be football success, but I like to think what’s on offer in Sussex is just as sweet.


That’s it for now, have a great weekend.



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