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Welcome to this week’s Sussex newsletter which is only a little bit waterlogged!

This week has been very much about embracing your inner fish here in Sussex and we’ve had some phenomenal storms.

I started the week swimming the River Arun from Ford to Littlehampton and well done to everyone else who took part. From my leisurely position at the very back, I could see there was some excellent effort being put in ahead!

The Sussex summer is nothing if unpredictable, so I also hosted a Speakers Club garden party in my wellies, watched floodwaters as they crept nearer my kitchen, explored the heights of Black Down in heavy mist but managed to enjoy a fabulous alfresco Supper Club event without getting wet.

I also seem to have crossed paths with Tennyson this week as I learnt more about Sussex’s past before I wound up the week by heading to Glynde Place to check out their new pop-up campsite.

Well, that’s it for now for this week’s Sussex news. Time to dig out my walking shoes and tackle Thorney Island. Wish me luck and perhaps a little sunshine would be nice too.



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