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Welcome to this week’s Sussex newsletter and your late winter survival guide!

As I type, Storm Eunice is battering the ramparts of SE HQ and I’m wondering if our electricity will last long enough to get this to you. If it arrives in your inbox on Saturday, then you’ll know it didn’t. So, in anticipation of total power failure and in the now infamous words of Harvey Price, “What a day”!

It seems to me, the only way to survive these last few weeks of winter is to throw yourself into life’s indulgent pleasures! With that in mind, this week we’ve got some wonderful places to stay for a weekend in Mayfield, some fabulous suggestions for afternoon tea, some stargazing, blustery walks, spring’s first gardens and if all else fails… three very drinkable Sussex sparkling wines!

In short, by the time you’ve worked your way through this week’s ideas, it will be well and truly springtime! Huzzah.

But for now, stay safe during the storm and have a great weekend.



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