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Brighton’s Eclectic Hotel Pelirocco

In a new world of staycations, and embracing all that is lovely and local, we’ve been hunting about for great places to stay. And top of that list has to be “England’s most rock ‘n roll hotel”, the Pelirocco in Brighton! It is lushness personified, so, if you’re looking for a truly delicious Brighton experience, pack your bags and come with us as we take a peek into what you’ll find here.

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

But first let’s set the scene

The Pelirocco Hotel is in Regency Square in Brighton. The three sides of the square, which surround a garden and have fantastic views of the sea, date back to the early 19th century (as the name would suggest). Most if not all of the properties have listed status and when built was considered an “attracted prestigious, high-class development, attracting the social elite”. Not much has changed.

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

A short walk from many of Brighton’s main attractions, the square even has its own passageway (Regency Colonnade) to connect it to neighbouring Russell Square which has been occupied by The Regency Tavern since the 1870s, another “fabulously flamboyant” place to hangout. The Pelirocco itself occupies two of these Regency houses and boasts a stuccoed front, bay windows and stylish black balconies and railings. “Oh, hello!” says the outside, and you know that you’ve got to go in.

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton
Photo credit Ian Wallman

Cue all the cool you can muster (and then a little more) 

At the risk of once again sounding very uncool, things don’t get much cooler than the Pelirocco. To start with, not only are all the rooms sumptuous but they are also outrageously themed; think the Darth Vader room, the Tropical Paradise room, the Lovers’ Lair and the Nooki room, the Motown room, Modrophenia and the Bowie room. I think you’re getting the picture.

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

And apart from the funky artwork and decadent decor, the hotel is stacked high with memorabilia and little cool finishing touches like Curly Wurlys, a record player (with records) and silky robes in the rooms!

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

Then things hot up

Just as you’re really enjoying this new sense of cool, things hot up as you tear yourself away from your room, and head downstairs for a late night cocktail or a bit of karaoke. The Pelirocco has a whole host of things going on from live music and cocktail classes to love hampers, massage and boudoir photography! And while you soak up a heady combo of high tea, banquets or nibbles, the staff couldn’t be nicer or more helpful – from the moment you ping them a message online, until you stagger to your carriage, promising yourself you’ll be back.

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

“More hip than Kylie’s knickers” (More Magazine 2002)

Hotel Pelirocco has been visited and reviewed by more than a few big names, including every publication from the Huffington Post, to Esquire and The Sunday Times and some of the best reviews have to include: “If hotels were underwear, Hotel Pelirocco would be a pair of Agent Provocateur knickers” (More 2005),  “A camp glam throw-back to pop-art that is as fabulous a concoction as any of the cocktails to be found in the purple-hued bar.” (Which Guide 2003) and “The perfect place for a dirty weekend or saucy seaside affair” (Erotic Review 2001).

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

You may not want to go out but …

If we’ve tempted you to Brighton to stay in this seductive melting pot of kitsch and cool, then we get it, that you may not want to leave the hotel. But don’t forget Brighton has so much on offer from the eclectic lanes and North Laine, the British Airways i360 viewing tower, the Royal Pavillion and Brighton Dome, the Pier and luxurious hangout at Rockwater in Hove. So you may need to stay for more than one night!

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

The Pelirocco’s website is a thing of bold brightness and beauty in its own right and it’s packed to the seams with packages and more information. Shall we meet in the bar at 7pm?

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