Run a Sussex Ultra? What Madness!

Two weeks ago, I agreed to take part in a Sussex Ultra in May next year. Or to be more precise, to run from Christ’s Hospital near Horsham to Hove via the South Downs. In all honestly, I am not sure why I said yes to the suggestion other than the fact that I am prone to bouts of chronic stupidity and am poor at saying no. In any event, at the time of writing, I’m not remotely convinced this is something I can achieve. I am currently overweight, underfit, and middle-aged, and any motivation I once had to run around the Sussex countryside in the cold and wet seems to have deserted me long since. Nonetheless, I’ve said yes, so train I must and somehow I feel that along the way, there are many Sussex adventures to be had.

Sussex Ultra

It has begun 

There’s a long road ahead. I have not really run at all this year after a minor incident that involved my dog, a tarmac road, my head, and a trip to casualty last Christmas. It still hurts to be honest. And as an indication of just how far I have to go is the fact that this morning I was pleased to manage a 4 km run (with stops). Only 46 km to go then.  Yesterday I also managed a hearty walk on the South Downs at Wilmington (although I slept it off with a middle-aged power nap later on). I’m laughing about it now, but…

South Downs at Wilmington

Please cheer me on 

I thought it might help if I posted a monthly update. Well, I doubt it will help you but it might help me. My daughter tells me I sound like an elephant when I run and look like a beetroot so I’ll be easy to spot when I’m out training and please feel free to cheer me on – or laugh incredulously, as you prefer. No offence will be taken. I’ll be walking or running wherever and whenever I get the chance as well as sharing any interesting new routes. I think I might even get some Sussex Exclusive running shirts made up. An “all the gear and no idea” type approach.

Sussex Ultra
I’m the goofy one

Aims for the next month? 

I am not doing it alone so I’ll share news of my training buddies if they allow me to. And by this time next month, I hope to be writing that I’m up to 10 km and down on the scales. It feels like a slightly impossible goal with Christmas in the way so wish me luck and please say hello if you spot me or the SE van! But for now, shall I put on my trainers or eat the rest of that cake?

Sussex Ultra

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