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Whatever the highs and lows of this year’s weather, the summer is definitely starting to fade. But with a bank holiday weekend ahead, it’s also a great time to get out there and see the best Sussex has to offer and enjoy some well-earned self-indulgence!

So this week, let’s kick off with 10 spectacular Sussex views. Whether it’s for your Instagram page or your mental wellbeing, they are all food for the soul. Follow that up with a visit to some of the last of this year’s NGS gardens. And then round that off with either a trip to Charleston near Lewes or a dip into Meadows by Iain Parkinson.

And as Battle has been our town of the month, what better place to end the weekend than in one of its many eateries or filling your basket with some of its fabulous local wares?

Then put your feet up and flick through the pages of our magazine – we’re already working on the next edition.

There will be no newsletter next week (gasp) because I am walking the South Downs Way so will be well and truly off-grid! Although, whenever I can, I’ll be sharing updates on social media of course, and I know I’ll be seeing some of you along the way! Wish me luck and feet, please don’t fail me now!

Take care.



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South Downs circular walk

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