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Welcome to this week’s newsletter and round-up of Sussexy things!

It’s been a pretty quiet week here at SE HQ, not least because after two years of dodging the bullet, the Jubilee celebrations gave me the gift of Covid. I feel as rough as a badger’s bottom and have been confined to barracks. Luckily I had some adventures in hand but I am extremely concerned that my celebration of World Gin Day on Saturday will be considerably curtailed.

On a lighter note, I have recently been east, to re-explore Eastbourne and visit Newhaven Fort. Both provided unexpected delights. I’ve also been planning Midsummer, and there are some quirky Sussex Midsummer traditions including a Tudor Midsummer wedding event at the Weald and Downland Museum.

And perhaps Covid was sent to save my liver, as next week is Beer Day Britain, the founder of which lives in Brighton. Journalist and food and drink writer, Kevin Pilley, caught up with her recently to find out more.

That’s it for now, I’m off to down more medication and take to my bed. Have a great weekend.


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Newhaven Fort East Sussex

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