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Welcome to this week’s newsletter which is a thoroughly schizophrenic affair.

The last week has certainly been one of extremes. I’ve driven through torrential rain and floods, enjoyed frozen sunrises and hovering mist, and run (well more like crawled) through sloppy knee-deep mud. At the same time, I’ve got up close and personal with works of art by some of the great masters like Turner and Gainsborough and then hung out on a street corner in the Brighton lanes with a couple of graffiti artists! It’s certainly been interesting.

So this week, I bring you a peek inside Petworth House (if you haven’t been lately, you must), a trip down memory lane with a meander around North Laine in Brighton (part of our new Sundays Are For … series), and a Sussex quiz! Oh, and as promised, I’ve also been out eating my way through various farms shops in East Sussex – always a pleasure. My waistband will thank you later.

And if you’re thinking of moving from outside Sussex to within, or from one pretty corner of Sussex to another you might want to take a quick look at our 20 best places to live in Sussex feature.

That’s it for now. I’m off to dry off, warm-up, and cool down. Have a great weekend.





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