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Pitts-Stop at Emporium Worthing

Worthing Emporium

I love it when I find somewhere really quirky and different. And Emporium Worthing ticks all the right boxes. It’s opulent. It’s eclectic. And it definitely feels unique!

Worthing Emporium

You’ll find it in Warwick Street (in Worthing) which has a slightly bohemian feel and lots of cafés and open-air eating. Drawn by the vibrant pink velvet chairs, an octopus on the wall, and the promise of a cocktail, once inside, Emporium Worthing has everything you want from an emporium.

Worthing Emporium

There are bold colours, bolder art and homewares, and (on the day of our visit) a wonderful mixture of shimmering shoes and dresses, skin care and very naughty cupcakes ( too naughty to show you a photo but part of their sweary afternoon tea). And apart from also stocking a rather fabulous selection of candles, they also have a preloved range.

Worthing Emporium

We were at the Emporium Worthing to eat, distracted as I was by the lush décor and a bold coat of arms on the wall! In addition to their afternoon tea, they have a menu of “small plates” which includes tomato and onion bruschetta, homemade scotch eggs, brie and beetroot chutney tart, sweet potato falafel, and more. More importantly, as they say on their website, “we can think of nothing better than a delicious cocktail, glass of wine or Prosecco or a beer or two before, after or whilst you are shopping” and I am inclined to agree. To that end, they have a fully stocked bar and a choice of signature cocktails. Oh hello.

Worthing Emporium

Worthing seems to be evolving into a wonderfully creative and bohemian town (or maybe it always was). And this quirky Pitts-Stop is a great way to start a visit.

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