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Shoreham Farmers Market (West Sussex)

Shoreham farmers market is a colourful affair and is slowly bursting back into life after lockdown. For a Saturday morning visit, park in the car park on the other side of the River Adur (next to the Waterside pub) and take the impressive footbridge back over the river. Crossing the river is a nice opportunity to look at some of the boats as river life bustles down towards the harbour.

Shoreham market

Almost immediately opposite you as you reach terra firma are a number of little cafés where you can grab a coffee and a pastry al fresco before you head to the market.

Shoreham Sussex

The market curves around East Street with St Mary de Haura church and the churchyard as a centre piece. The church was founded in the 11th century and it’s Grade I listed with much of it dating back to the 12th century. This area of Shoreham has a mews feel and there are some interesting gravestones if you want to dawdle in the churchyard.

Shoreham Market

As you’d expect from a local market, it’s small but there is plenty on offer. Fill your basket with craft gins (Slake), fresh and local fruit and veg, and some locally caught fish. Pick up a few plants and then meander on to the jams and cakes. A local market is a very sensual experience and one that shouldn’t be rushed. Each stallholder normally has their own story to tell which is well worth lingering to hear.

Shoreham Market

Once you’ve done your first sweep of the market, head round the back towards the station and you’ll find Shoreham Art Gallery (in Brunswick Road). There’s a thriving arts scene in Shoreham and they often have small exhibitions. And on a Saturday morning, you have every chance of meeting a local artist who has popped into the gallery.

Shoreham Market

I’m firmly of the view that every market needs a second sweep (or in other words you have to walk around it at least twice) but once you’re done and your basket is fully laden why not drop your produce back at the car before you either head west along the boardwalk to see some of Shoreham’s extraordinary houseboats or walk east along the beach boardwalk towards the old fort. Or perhaps you might even do both.

Shoreham Canal Boats

Shoreham Farmers Market is monthly on the second Saturday of each month. While you’re in the town and area, you might also be interested in: :

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