Recipe: Barbecued Salmon Fillets with Sussex Relish

We love good food here at Sussex Exclusive and we love it even more if it’s quick and easy to make, healthy and supports local! Which is one of the reasons we got very excited when a few years ago we stumbled across Pollyanna’s Kitchen. Pollyanna is a Sussex girl, with a love of food and so we’re delighted that she agreed to share her delicious BBQ salmon recipe.

Knowing that not all of us either have her gift in the kitchen or the time to search out those key fresh, local ingredients, a few years ago, Pollyanna developed her unique Chillish®, a flavoured chilli oil with gooey caramelised onion, chilli and garlic “gubbins” that lies at the bottom of the jar for a much stronger, richer kick. During lockdown, when shopping trips were rare, our jar of Chillish® became indispensable spicing up pasta, salads, roasts and more or less anything that needed some sparkle.

So it’s happy days here at SE HQ now that there are two new garlicky additions to the family in the form of Garlish® and Just the Crush®. Both are made in Sussex with natural products combined with locally sourced Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil and both are vegan suitable. Better still, both bring you garlic without the hard work which always gets my vote. And now the weather is finally turning milder and we can meet others outdoors, Pollyanna has shared this super easy but taste punching recipe for barbecued salmon recipe!

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Barbecued salmon fillets

Incredibly quick and easy, this recipe is healthy and utterly mouthwatering.

Serves 4


4 salmon fillets (skin on)

3 tbsp – Garlish®

2 tbsp – Just the Gubbins®

Garnish – fresh coriander

Tools – tin foil

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These fillets go onto the BBQ in a tin foil parcel. Begin by making a “leak-proof” foil parcel around the fillets. To do this, you simply take a large sheet of foil, fold it in half and then add the fillets. Fold up the edges around the salmon.

In a cup, mix together the Garlish® oil (adding a bit of the crush) and the Just the Gubbins®. Mix them together well, then pour over the salmon fillets. Ensure the fillets are well coated, then crunch the foil “lid” over the top, sealing them in.

Using a fish slice, place it in the middle of the BBQ for approximately 10 -15 mins (or until the middle of a fillet is not translucent).

When they are ready, carefully lift the parcel on a plate and leave to rest for 5 mins before adding a couple of sprigs of coriander. Open the top of the foil and enjoy!

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Wine recommendation 

We’ve been taste-testing a few local wines during lockdown (well someone had to) and our recommendation to go with this dish would be the Bacchus 2019 from Nutbourne Vineyards. It’s a crisp and aromatic white wine with a distinctly Reisling and elderflower flavour and will go down well with friends outside around the barbecue.

Sussex wine

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