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Welcome to this week’s newsletter and our smorgasbord of tasty treats!

We’ve been feeling topical here at SE HQ and as Sedgwick Park has been in the news lately (because it’s recently gone up for sale), it seemed like a good idea to re-visit this stunning Sussex property. I was lucky enough to enjoy a private tour back in the spring, and although you may not be in the market to buy, Sedgwick is part of the National Garden Scheme so you can still visit. In fact, now may be your last ever chance to do so before it’s sold off.

And because last week we were talking about the forthcoming production of The Importance of Being Ernest at Nymans, it also seemed like a suitable moment to visit this stunning and evocative country house near Haywards Heath. There really is nothing like some of our older Sussex properties for bringing history alive!

In other news, the end of next week marks the beginning of the month-long Steyning Food and Drink Festival which seems to have something on offer for every size and shape of discerning foodie.

If all that’s not enough, Brighton Dome is warming up for an amazing autumn of events which includes Heritage Open Day, an intriguing day that celebrates Brighton’s food heritage.

I don’t know about you, but this week it has felt like there has been a change in the air as autumn pushes back the borders of summer and prepares to make its entrance. Roll on for an Indian Summer that’s what I say. We all deserve it. That’s it for now, have a great weekend.



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