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Sussex Valentine’s, cheese, mocktails & snowdrops

Welcome to this week’s jampacked Sussex newsletter.

From floods to ice, it’s the month that keeps on giving, isn’t it? But this week’s bright (if cold) weather has certainly been a welcome change.

This week, I’ve also had a chance to pursue two of my favourite hobbies … eating and drinking! In celebration of National Cheese Lovers Day, I dug deep and munched my way through 10 Sussex cheeses (there might also have been wine involved). I was also delighted when Sussex cocktail aficionado and goddess, Sophie Bradshaw, agreed to share three Sussex mocktails for those that are soldiering on with Dry January (just 10 days to go).

A missive from our gardening expert Geoff Stonebanks about where to find snowdrops in Sussex brought with it a welcome ray of hope. In my mind, snowdrops really do mark the beginning of spring and all that is to come.

And finally, I really couldn’t ignore Sussex Valentine’s Day, so I’ve got 21 ideas for you …and honestly, even if you’re not remotely interested in love, there is probably something for you in this list … like bangers, mash and a movie perhaps?

That’s it for now but don’t forget there is lots more Sussex stuff in our free magazine: Sussex Exclusive Magazine.

Have a great weekend.



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