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Sussex cheese

The 20th of January 2023 is National Cheese Lovers Day – a day all about discovering cheese. And Sussex cheese is well worth discovering. So, grab a cracker or a good Sussex biscuit, open a jar of Sussex chutney and pour yourself a local wine. Then tuck in and enjoy these 10 different Sussex cheeses.

Sussex cheese

Lord of the Hundreds 

An unpasteurized sheep’s milk, semi-hard and award-winning cheese produced by The Traditional Cheese Dairy in East Sussex. We found it nutty, quite strong, almost sweet and very easy to nibble.

Sussex cheese

Sussex Charmer 

This West Sussex cheese produced by Bookham & Harrison Farms is both award-winning and a bit of a Sussex staple. Described as “combining the creaminess of a mature farmhouse cheddar with the zing of an Italian style hard cheese”, it’s creamy, cheddary and reasonably strong.

Sussex Charmer

Sussex Brie 

This Alsop & Walker brie packs quite a punch. It’s very creamy but strong, with earthy, nutty notes.

Sussex Brie

Sussex Marble Chilli 

A High Weald, semi-soft, cows’ milk cheese based on a Saint Giles cheese with an attractive marble effect. We thought it was creamy, light and slightly nutty with a really good chilli kick.

Sussex cheese

St Giles 

Another High Weald cheese, this is a pasteurised, semi-soft, cows’ milk cheese with an Annato coating. They do it in an organic version too. Reminiscent of Port Salut, we thought it was smokey, creamy and piquant although still mild with a long-lasting flavour.

Golden Cross 

Made by Golden Cross Cheese Ltd in East Sussex, Golden Cross is a goats’ milk cheese. It’s really well-balanced with a lovely texture which is smooth but not too rich. There are some really subtle flavours and it’s not too goaty.

Sussex cheese

Seven Sisters 

This High Weald cheese is a pasteurised, sheep’s milk cheese with a wild Hebridean seaweed coating. We loved this and thought it really represented the essence of the Seven Sisters. It’s tangy, fresh, light, smooth and mellow with a hint of the saline of the sea.

Levin Down 

This is a Goodwood Estate organic soft cheese. It’s soft and buttery and went really well with Bateman’s (National Trust) mango and ginger chutney.

Brighton Blue 

A High Weald semi-soft cheese with a mild blue flavour, this is one of their award-winning cheeses. We found it creamy and not too overpowering.

Blue Cloud 

Made on the Balcombe Estate in West Sussex, Blue Cloud is a mild, creamy, Gorgonzola-style blue. Made with gently pasteurised cows’ milk, it’s creamy, slightly salty and very versatile.

Sussex cheese

So what was our favourite? Well, it was a tough decision because we are cheese lovers and enjoyed them all. But for something very moreish, a little different but very Sussex, we all agreed it was the Seven Sisters!

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