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Thought Provoking Art at Glynde Place (East Sussex)

Following the success of their 2020 event, Glynde Place is hosting two weekends of work by performance artist and sculptor Isobel Smith, starting this weekend. The exhibition is called Undoings and is a unique opportunity to see this well-regarded artist.

Glynde Place Exhibition

Thought provokingly different

Isobel Smith is an artist and experienced mentor. She has exhibited extensively and has works in both public and private collections including the Saatchi Collection. She has performed at the Tate Modern and at Performance Festivals in the UK and abroad. Her artistic practice crosses sculpture, performance and moving image, inhabiting a flickering state between rational and non-rational realities.

Glynde Place Art

Historic meets contemporary

Inspired by the extraordinary historic house setting, in this exhibition Isobel Smith will disrupt familiar objects and actions, and reconnect with the non-human world through her contemporary performance and sculpture. Isobel Smith said: “I want to challenge, engage and excite visitors. It is more interesting, but less forgiving to put contemporary art into a historical setting.”

Glynde Place

A new approach

Glynde Place is an Elizabethan country house with a long history of artistic patronage. Its current owner Francis Hampden and his family are breathing new life into the estate with contemporary artwork and events. The family and their team are keen to encourage their audience to look at heritage in a new light. Contemporary artwork shown in a historic setting can help visitors connect to a place and draw links between the modern-day and the past.

Francis Hampden, 7th Viscount Hampden said: “We are delighted to be continuing our programme of contemporary arts in the house. Isobel Smith is known for her striking and surprising installations  and performance work, and we’re all very excited to see what she will bring to  this historic setting.”

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