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Welcome to this week’s newsletter, and what a week it’s been!

It’s certainly been a scorcher here in Sussex this week, and hand in hand with the newly titled “Pingdemic” it’s made getting anything done feel a bit like moving through treacle. But that hasn’t stopped Sussex from glowing with life and interesting things to do.

As always, our travels have taken us all over the county from Bosham to Shoreham and from Horsham to Seaford. We even managed to put in a couple of pitstops at Worthing and Birling Gap too. Wow, those are some cliffs when you stand at the bottom and look up!

Along the way, we’ve enjoyed local wine and charcuterie in Bosham while planning a Sussex weekend away, as well as fantastic coffee, compelling art, and an inspirational garden. As usual, I’ve been struck by the fascinating and extraordinary people who live and love Sussex and how they all individually contribute so much to making it such a wonderful county.

I hope you all manage to keep cool this weekend (although there is a rumour the rain might be back) and enjoy this week’s selection!

That’s it for now.



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