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Horsham’s Coffee Shops & Café Culture (West Sussex)

Coffee should always be a happy experience and the pavement cafés and bars of our continental cousins are something to be envied. Horsham’s coffee shops and cafés are fast developing a reputation for their cosmopolitan and eclectic vibe with street tables, lots of local produce and more personality than you can shake a stick at. For lovers of a good brew and a slice of cake, it’s a great reason to head to the town and here are just some of our favourites.

Cake at Kaya in the Park

Amici Coffee Co 

Amici in East Street is new and part of the Smith and Western Family. Smith and Western is, of course, owned and run by a Sussex family. This new coffee shop uses coffee from Horsham Coffee Roasters and serves up pastries, light bites and … plants (not to eat)! It’s got an exotic feel due to the foliage and a stated commitment to ethically sourced and fresh produce.

Horsham Amici

Johansson’s Café

As you arrive from the west of Horsham via the Bishopric, you come to Johansson’s Café, a Swedish café that spills out delightfully onto the square. The café is owned and run by René Fay from the small town of Orsa in Dalarna, Sweden. Fika is the name of the game here, which roughly translates as “a coffee and cake break”, but is more about a state of mind and about stopping to make time to pause, to socialise, and to refresh the mind.


The atmosphere here is calm and restorative, so start your day with a sense of zen and some Punch Rullar.

Horsham cafes

Carmela Deli

Continue into the Carfax and you’ll stumble upon Carmela Deli which is packed to the rafters with all the passion and love you’d expect from Italian owner Rossella. Oozing charisma and dripping with wonderful pastries, Rossella is bubbly, warm and welcoming and your visit to Carmela Deli will revitalise you and fill you with energy and joy.

Horsham Cafe

The Carmela counter always teases and tempts the taste buds with something new every day, and Rossella’s top recommendations are the Sicilian cannoli with sweet ricotta cheese and the pistachissimo cannoli with pistachio cream! What’s not to love!

Horsham's coffee shops

Pretty Things 

Pretty Things in Park Place is hard to miss and has ever-changing and delightful décor inside and out. It’s bright, beautiful, decadent, and glamorous and their afternoon high tea is luxurious. Come here for a bohemian vibe and just a little bit of overindulgence as you soak up the hedonistic atmosphere. They also sell a selection of gifts, serve brunch and light bites, and have some fabulous cakes and cocktails as well as sharing platters.  But what I really love about Pretty Things is their commitment to local produce and producers.

Pretty Things Horsham

So, if you do miss afternoon tea, the Pretty Things G&T combined with a cheese platter are things of extraordinary beauty and a great way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Chin chin and enjoy.

Horsham cafes

Benches and Beans Café 

Attracted by the Art Deco architecture, this is a slightly quirky family-run café and restaurant in Middle Street.

Horsham's coffee shops

It serves good, hearty, and healthy food with a warm welcome. It’s also a place you can linger as you eat your way through their selection of European treats.   

Horsham coffee shops


Back in the Carfax, with seating outside and a whole heap of wonderful homewares, Moscy has a lux vibe. Born as a result of the pandemic and owned and run by Max and Oscar (who used to sell homeware furnishings in the markets of Brighton), in Moscy you’re surrounded by beautiful items and can choose from handmade cakes with gluten-free and vegan options.

Horsham's coffee shops

Of course, we can’t list all of Horsham’s coffee shops and cafés, because there are so many to choose from. But if you’re after a little bit of café culture, Horsham is a great place to go.

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