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Christmas markets (yes, already), castles, car races and a harbour.

What a week! I have spent most of it dodging the rain as I have dashed from one end of the county to another.

As Newhaven is our town of the month, I popped back there to explore and see what I could find. It’s got quite a cultural scene. While I was in the east, I also revisited Herstmonceux Castle which always elicits a little gasp because it’s so stunning. It inspired my children when they were little and the Observatory is a great place to go with the children.

I’m also gearing up for next week and the London to Brighton Veteran car rally and I have some of the best spots to watch it from (I may see you there?).

And because a lot of you are much more organised than I am and have been asking about these, I have a round-up of over 25 Sussex Christmas markets in 2023. The first one is in just a couple of weeks, so we really are on the home straight to Christmas.

In other news, we have our latest health advice which this month unsurprisingly perhaps focuses on sinus infections and congestion … there is lots of good advice there.

And finally, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to grab your tickets to the Bubbles and Botanicals Fair on the 25th of November … I’ll see you there too!

That’s it for now!



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Ps. We’re up to day 6 of my great South Downs Way walk – which feels like a lifetime ago but was much better than day 5

Herstmonceux Castle

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