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This week’s newsletter is very much inspired by a couple of conversations I’ve had over on social media lately where I’ve been posting a series of random Sussex facts and finds.

I got lots of different enquiries about Sussex castles after one post, so thought I better put together a list. I found 12 that are still “visitable”, all very different and all worth a trip. I’ve added a few extra links in case you’re looking for some day trip inspiration.

All the talk of history got me thinking about the 1066 Country Walk that runs from Pevensey to Rye via Battle. There are 10 sculptures along the way to discover too and it’s another great way to delve into our Sussex past.

Following on from a social media post about Alfriston in which I mistakenly called their red lion a dragon, Dutch historian Nils Visser got in touch with the fascinating story that may explain the lion’s presence in this little East Sussex village. It’s quite a tale (and the English don’t come out of it covered in glory).

And you know me, exertion (mental or physical) should always be rewarded with food in my opinion, so I’ve finished this week’s newsletter with a fabulous serving of great food down on the coast at Felpham.

I hope you enjoy this week’s news as much as I have enjoyed putting it together and as I have another 30 Sussex facts and finds to share, it will be interesting to see where next week takes us!


Take care



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