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Best Sussex Autumn Beach Walks: Ferring Beach

Ferring has long been my best-kept secret and one of the best Sussex autumn beach walks. I’m always amazed at how few Sussex folk are aware of it. Perhaps I should stop writing here and move on to the Witterings. Everyone seems to know of these popular beaches but Ferring? Well in my experience, not so much.

Best Sussex autumn beach walks

Tide times

Always check the tides before you visit (there are lots of online websites for this and you just need tide times for Worthing). At low tide, sandy beaches stretch for miles and when you finally reach the water’s edge, you can enjoy warm, shallow waters. The advantage of Ferring is that there are also areas of rock pools, so for parents of small children, it’s a perfect world. And a visit to Ferring is not just a summer treat, because, with miles of sand, kids and adults alike can let off steam and breathe deeply any time of the year.

Ferring West Sussex

The towpath

If you can’t get there at low tide, you’ll find a pebbly shore but a great coastal path that runs pretty much uninterrupted from Goring to Ferring. There are lots of interesting homes and gardens to admire and a sunken boat for the children to play in halfway along.

Dog friendly

Ferring beach is dog-friendly all year round and with miles of sand and lots of seagulls to chase, it’s a piece of canine heaven.

Best Sussex autumn beach walks

Beach riding

Back in the day, I used to bring my horse to Ferring. From 1 May to 30 September you can ride on the sand before 10.00 am and after 8. 00 pm and from 1 October to 30 April you can ride on the sand at any time. There are wardens so don’t try and break the rules (been there, done it)! Park on Marine Drive in between Ferring and Goring, a long and straight road where you can unload your horses onto the strip of grass in front of the beach. Ride out towards Littlehampton, jumping groynes and then turn back for home and for a good “blat” back!

The Bluebird Café

The well-known Bluebird Café is right on the seafront, next to the car park and is dog friendly. It’s a great spot for a quick coffee, an early start breakfast, or a lingering lunch but it does shut at 5 pm so don’t rely on it for dinner!

Bluebird cafe Ferring

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