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Sussex Walks: Nymans Woods, Handcross

Sussex walks

Nymans Woods are just outside Handcross, near Haywards Heath in West Sussex. The woodland is National Trust owned and is part of the Nymans House estate. There are three designated walks through the woods, although on my last visit, I just casually followed the path. It’s quite hard to get lost here, so it’s a great Easter or Sussex walk, when you may be nattering with family or friends.

Nymans's woods

Lots of wildlife 

The wood extends to 250 acres and includes a lake, a conifer walk, a Giant Redwood, and at this time of year, lots of bluebells. Also look out for the rocks, tiny caves, and three sculptures, of an owl, a toad, and a kingfisher. This area is part of the High Weald, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the woodland itself is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest so you can expect lots of interesting wildlife. There is free parking at Nymans House and dogs are welcome in most areas, provided they are kept under control.

Sussex walks

Three routes 

The three designated walks are:

The Short Walk – 1.2 km

Centenary Walk – 2.4 km

Millennium Walk – 4 km

There are some steep gradients in some parts and it does get muddy in places in the winter.  You can download the maps from the National Trust’s Nymans’ website or just follow the signs.

Nyman's woods

Nymans House 

If you’re in this part of the world, you might also want to visit Nymans House and Gardens with its compelling ruins and views across the valley, or just eat cake in the café (although you need a membership or to pay to get into the café).


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