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There’s Something Special About Sussex Gin

It’s World Gin Day on the 12th June. Hurrah! And by way of timely celebration, the creators of HYKE Gin have launched an all new “HYKE Gin Very Special” described as a “New and Luxurious Occasion Gin”. Unsurprisingly, that got my attention! Plus, I’m always a sucker for a sexy Sussex gin label. And this gin has a suitably lush label with hints of Art Deco!

Sussex Gin. Hyke Very Special

In keeping with Foxhole Spirits’ mission to utilise natural surplus materials, HYKE Gin Very Special is made using English-grown wine grapes, a by-product of the winemaking industry which is usually just discarded after pressing. The result is rich, elegant and refined, with dark fruit notes and bright citrus, woody florals and aromatic flavours. It also has a blend of 19 botanicals including grapefruit, Earl Grey tea, lavender and other more unusual ingredients, such as Lapsang Souchong and Red Sandalwood.  Each one bringing its own special note.

Sussex Gin

Finally, Foxhole Spirits adds a tiny drop of its very own brandy, aged specially for this purpose in ex-cognac barrels to bring the gin together into a unique and “very special” gin and ideally suited to summer savouring and cocktails.

Sussex Foxhole Gin

Did someone say cocktails?

There seems no more fitting way to celebrate World Gin Day than by taste testing the HYKE Gin Very Special Signature Cocktails and I hereby invite you to do just that! They have three cocktail suggestions (happy days indeed) which are all easy to make at home and perfect for  a sunny weekend:

Very Special Gin & Tonic with lemon & sage garnish – Lemon lifts the sweet citrus botanicals, whilst sage emphasises the savoury complexities from the grape spirit and earthy botanicals.

Sussex cocktails

Very Special Gin Spritz – A fresh and lively Spritz, with brewed Earl Grey Tea enhancing the botanical whilst the jam adds fruit and sweetness to the rich complexities of HYKE Gin Very Special.

Sussex Gin Hyke Very Special

Very Special Gin Old Fashioned – A take on the Old Fashioned using gin instead of whisky. HYKE Gin Very Special lends itself perfectly to this cocktail with its savoury, earth notes and sweet citrus botanicals balancing with the bitters.

Foxhole Sussex gin cocktail

Co-founder and MD of Foxhole Spirits James Oag-Cooper comments: “The launch of HYKE Gin Very Special is an incredibly important step for us. We set out to prove that in our hands, surplus produce can make finer spirits than specially grown, single-purpose materials and now after three award-winning releases; we are ever more confident in our mission. In the last few years, we have learnt a lot about different production techniques, botanicals, and presentation. HYKE Gin Very Special brings all this learning and expertise together. We believe we have reached “peak gin” here; it’s rich on the palate with a depth of flavour and complexity our customers will be delighted with.”

Sussex Gin Producers

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