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Visit Bates Green Garden

Bates Green Garden, East Sussex

Bates Green Garden is a gem of a Sussex country garden that at this time of year is often overlooked as people flock to the Arlington Bluebell Walk in the adjacent woodland. If you are a keen gardener, plantsperson or just love total tranquillity, Bates Green Garden is a place not to be missed.

Bates Green Garden

Originally designed and planted by the late Carolyn McCutchen, it has since been maintained, developed, and enhanced with loving care. The garden style ranges from the more formal planting of the Middle Garden to the luxuriant abundance of the woodland section. Detailed information is available on request making this a paradise for both those setting out on their own horticultural journey and experts alike.

Bates Green Garden, East Sussex

Extra-curricular activities

Meanwhile, there’s also an identification quiz that is well worth doing. You will find the questionnaire in the walk-through shed. So you thought you knew your bluebells from a daffodil, did you? Also, take note of the crab apple tree. In a beautiful example of love and care, the old tree has been “repaired” after breaking due to the weight of too much crop.

Bates Green Garden

Other facilities

Meanwhile, for those who require sustenance on any visit to deepest rural Sussex, Bates Green Garden has a café in the barn. The venue supports a different local charity every day that the garden and the bluebell walk are open, and each charity is tasked with running the café, hence the constantly variable menu of delicious food. There is also a bookshop, a plant stall, and usually the opportunity to get up close and personal with a couple of sheep and a goat.

Bates Green Garden East Sussex

When to visit

Currently, it is bluebell season and Bates Green Garden is open every day that the Arlington Bluebell Walk is open until Wednesday 10th May. At other times, you will have to plan your visit around opening hours of Wednesday between February and the end of October. Use your Coronation bank holiday wisely and visit Bates Green Garden. King Charles would approve.

Contributed by Paul Hitchcock

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