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Fancy Drinking Gin Up The i360, Brighton?

No that’s not a euphemism and yes of course you do. Who wouldn’t? But let’s just rewind a moment. Gin up the i360 in Brigthon?

Brighton i36- Viewing Tower

The i360, Brighton 

The BA i360 is one of Brighton’s newest landmarks. At 162 metres high, you’ll find it opposite the old West Pier. Hop into the glass viewing pod and glide slowly up above the skyline to enjoy views of Brighton, the coast, the sea and beyond. It’s great during the day but super special when you “take a night flight”.

i360 Brighton

And the gin?

The folks at the i360 have joined forces with one of Brighton’s more iconic gin producers, the aptly named Brighton Gin, to offer a new and exclusive Brighton Gin Tasting Flight.

i360 Brighton

It’s a 45-minute flight during which you get to taste Brighton Gin’s Pavilion strength gin, Seaside Navy strength gin (oh yes), a Brighton G&T (mixed with a local supplier, Folkington’s tonic) and one of Brighton Gin’s delicious cocktails too! That’s quite a lot of gin in a 45-minute flight!

i360 Brighton

The team at Brighton Gin are brilliant and much like their gin, they have oodles of personality. As you glide upwards, the lights dim to a gentle blue glow, and they talk you through gin and botanicals, the inspiration behind their gin, and their gin process – while your drinks are brought to your table and the Brighton landscape reveals itself.

Tickets cost £35

It really is rather special. And what a way to start a weekend in Brighton! Tickets cost £35 and the next gin tasting flight is on the 14th of July and can be booked via the website here. 

Brighton Gin Tasting

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