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Forest bathing retreat, quirky Chichester cafés, beautiful summer gardens & 8 PYO farms

In the words of Alice Cooper, “school’s out for summer”! But more importantly, it’s newsletter day.

First of all, an apology. I know there were difficulties with one of the links in last week’s newsletter. So if you missed our feature on the sculpture exhibition at Standen House, here is the link: Standen House sculpture.

Next, the omnipresent question: how did you fare in the heatwave? It was a bit like moving through treacle and I can’t deny I did a bit of rain bathing when the weather finally broke. Speaking of bathing … this week, I have details of a really fabulous forest bathing and meditation retreat at Ockenden Manor in Cuckfield. It was a sublime experience and definitely something for anyone feeling a bit frazzled at the moment.

As I type, the schools are waving goodbye to their students for the long summer break, and if the thought of that leaves you in a cold sweat, perhaps one of our many Sussex PYO farms might be a way of both feeding them and getting them outside. Alternatively, if you need to beat a hasty retreat from the grandkids, how about visiting a beautiful NGS summer garden or hiding away in one of Chichester’s many weird and wonderful coffee shops?

That’s it for now. But to the parents amongst you, I wish you courage and luck for the weeks ahead! Have a great weekend and a stress-free summer.


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