New Haywards Heath Tap Room

Heathen Brewers have hitherto lurked in the cellars of the well-known delicatessen and vintners Grape and Grain on The Broadway in Haywards Heath. They have considerable brewing experience, a number of different craft beers, and more personality than you can shake a stick at. Now, they are emerging from the underground and opening a new Haywards Heath tap room in Triangle Road which will include an expansion of their brewing activities and a new social venue and local hub for the southern end of the town.

 Haywards Heath tap room

The new premises are in a 19th century building which was (many years ago) an abattoir. The opening date is still to be released because as they explained, “The effort required to turn this old characterful bare brick Victorian ex-abattoir and smokehouse into a new characterful bare brick Victorian ex-ex-abattoir and smokehouse is bound to take us some time.

Sussex Breweries

That said, the new fit-out is well underway and looks like it’s going to be remarkably hip. It’s going to include an all mod-cons, shiny 10 barrel brewery “with all the best buttons and dials”. It’s also going to include “a brand old, bare brick, barely furnished and modest space adjacent for the curious and hardy to join us for the odd tipple or two, serving our favourite breweries next to the house Heathen brews. Expect the occasional pop-up, artist exhibit, local produce showcase or tap-takeover when coming to see us, as no-one believes we’ll manage to promote ourselves with anything approaching effectiveness!

Or to put it another way, there’ll be an associated taproom, café, and community area where friends, families, and strangers can get to know each other with regular pop up events.

Haywards Heath tap room

The intention is to create a unique atmosphere in which to sell their own and other craft beers, along with a range of local produce. They’ll be open from 8 am until 9 pm (Tuesday to Sunday), after which we presume they go back underground to carry on brewing.

As soon as we’ve got more details about opening dates we’ll share them but we’ve seen the progress so far and it looks really exciting! And if you like this post about this Haywards Heath tap room, you may also like:

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