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Petworth Festival: A Celebration of Arts & Creativity

Petworth in West Sussex seems to be a hotbed of creativity, and this seems to manifest itself in the many Petworth festivals which take place throughout the year. Although Petworth Festival 2022 has now concluded, this month sees the Petworth Festival Literary Week which runs from 27th October to 6th November 2022.

Petworth Festival

Petworth Festival (summer 2021) 

The festival is spread across six venues which are:

  • Bignor Park near Pulborough
  • Champs Hill at Coldwaltham
  • Leconfield Hall in Petworth
  • Petworth House
  • Midhurst Rother College in Midhurst
  • St Mary’s Church Petworth

Petworth Festival

The festival starts with a festival service at St Mary’s led by the Bishop of Horsham which leads into an absolute smorgasbord of cultural events which include art exhibitions, talks, musical recitals, and performances of every description, comedy, walks and theatrical productions. The highlights are almost too many to mention!

Petworth Festival

Summer Weekend Out 17 July 

One highlight for families will be the Petworth Festival Summer Weekend Out in the Pleasure Garden at Petworth where there will be a series of free performances which include street entertainers, buskers, stilt walkers, as well as “the bizarre and the surreal”. This line up also includes a “mischievous trio of slinkies” (yes, you read that correctly), a pair of mermaids, The Tree Fellas, circus skills workshops, music, and heritage walks around the town.

Petworth Festival

An extraordinary array of musicians 

The musical line up really does include the most extraordinary array of talent including: Jess Gillam’s seven-piece ensemble, folk music, the Salix Quartet, the Bloomsbury Quartet, the Budapest Cafe Orchestra (described as a “blistering barrage of traditional folk and gypsy flavoured music from across the Balkans and Russia), Royal Academy musicians Trio Mazzoloni, blues with The Blues Band, Manu Brazo on saxophone … and the list of internationally renowned talent really does go on.

Petworth Festival

This is an outstanding and eclectic coming together of musicians the like of which is rare. There really is something for every taste.

Other highlights 

Personally, Rubbish Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Sunday the 25 at Leconfield Hall and described as “an hour full of high octane slapstick action and mischievous storytelling” sounds right up my street.

Petworth Festival

Radio Live on the 27 July at Midhurst Rother College also looks set to be another highlight as Alistair McGowan, the Reverand Richard Coles, Garry Richardson, Charlotte Green and Joe Stilgoe romp through 50 years of broadcasting.

Petworth Festival

And of course, there’s a Festival Walk led by Jonathan Golden which will take walkers through Petworth Deer Park, Shimmings Valley and Balls Cross.

Although the festival has concluded for another year, you’ll find the very comprehensive website of what’s on and how to book here:

You can also find out more about Petworth here:

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