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Pitts-Stop at Kaya in the Park, Horsham

If you find yourself adrift in Horsham (West Sussex), you can do a lot worse than anchoring at Kaya in the Park for the long haul. As the name suggests, you’ll find it in the park just off North Street (in between the railway station and the town centre) and although it’s only been open since 2020, it’s quickly gained a great reputation not least because of its lush and bohemian interior, but also because of its combo of coffee, cake, and cocktails!

Kaya in the Park Horsham

Outside, they have a takeaway service, seats in the park, and a groovy new pergola. This is great for those with active young kids.

Horsham cafe

Inside, it’s all about cushions and comfort, along with exotic patterns, and plants that cascade casually from the ceiling. There’s music and a gentle buzz and it feels like a place to indulge. And why not! They have three drinks menus, namely: coffee & tea, smoothies & shakes; wine & bubbles; and cocktails, tipples & softs. I only spotted one Sussex wine and that was the Coolhurst, Côtes De Provence but as the name suggests, this is presumably from Coolhurst’s French vineyards. There are no Sussex gins yet either but there is certainly bountiful choice and enough to keep you well lubricated for an afternoon.

Kaya in the Park Horsham

They also have three slightly different food menus (although there is some overlap between them), namely the daytime menu (with all-day brunch and lunch), the evening menu (with snacks & starters and main plates) and the takeaway menu.

Kaya in the Park, Horsham

There’s much to love on the menu including antipasti, chicken schnitzel, and chilli but I opted for crispy soft-shell crab burger with a spicy garlic mayo in a charcoal bun. This appealed both to my sense of the down-to-earth and to my craving for the exotic. I didn’t know what to expect but it absolutely hit the spot and was everything that I love! That touch of spice added a finishing touch but wasn’t too much for a delicate palate.

Kaya in the Park

And the truffle parmesan chips (yes, you heard that right) are a thing of great pleasure, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally eat chips.

Kaya in the Park Horsham

Prices are reasonable too with my crab burger costing £13, and the chips at £5.50. If you want to wash it down with a glass or bottle of their house Prosecco that will set you back another £5 or £26 respectively.

Horsham Cafe

They don’t have a formal dessert menu but they do have cake, and in monumental portion sizes too. I’m not easily defeated but I didn’t want to eat again for the rest of the day! They also cater for gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan.

Horsham coffee shops

There is much to love about Kaya in the Park and it definitely makes it on to our list of places to visit again. It does get busy, so you may want to book.

Kaya in the Park, Horsham

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