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Welcome to this week’s newsletter and a brand new year!

I hope you have eased into January nice and gently. It’s a tough month, we all know that so I bring you good cheer and lots more lovely things to do in the dark months ahead (and beyond).

Need a bit of pampering and luxury? Great, check out our luxury Sussex hotels feature. In the mood for romance? Or just fancy doing something rather special … check out our romantic things to do feature which has everything from rooftop bars and balloon flights to sleeping in a castle!

If you’re in West Sussex (or thinking of visiting), check out our things to do in Storrington feature. For a small town, it packs quite a punch and has a few surprises! Or perhaps you just want to hunker down and eat, in which case have a look at our easy Prawn Pots recipe from Pollyanna’s Kitchen.

Oh, and of course, there are lots more ideas in our free magazine: Sussex Exclusive Magazine.

That’s it for now, have a great weekend. 



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