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Strange Tales of Old Sussex: Famous Folk. Part 2

So here it is as promised, the second in our Famous Folk of Old Sussex series, and a chance to test your knowledge of Sussex. Once again, we’ve seeded a few clues in amongst the questions and you can now find the answers to the first Famous Folk of Sussex series here.

1. A foreigner who landed at Pevensey, cried, “I have taken seizen of my kingdom; the earth of England is in my two hands” and then seized the rest in a dramatic battle (the one everyone remembers).

Battle Abbey Battlefield

2. Not born here but came via Fletching to win another epic battle on Sussex soil, that changed the course of history.

3. Probably one of our largest forebears, again not a born native because he used to stride across the Solent and is buried in Arundel Park.

4. Another non-native who founded a reformation religion and one of the first US states, he lived at Warminghurst, worshipped at Coolham, and married a lady of Ringmer.

The Blue Idol, Sussex
The Blue Idol

5. If he had not kept a diary, he would have remained a little-known grocer, schoolmaster, and general village factotum.

6. He was the founder of the doctrine of “free-trade”, was born in one West Sussex village, and, after an impoverished retirement, was buried in the next village.

7. Born in Lincolnshire, he started (briefly and inauspiciously) his married life in Warninglid, became perhaps our most famous poet, and built a grand house on the slopes of Blackdown.

Black Down Sussex

8. Born in France, but brought up in Sussex, he became an MP and wrote widely on Sussex, settling in a house with a windmill which is still preserved. Just.

Shipley Windmill Sussex

9. Born of a farming family near Brighton he was a shepherd boy, barber’s assistant, policeman and publican but made his fame with members of his family in singing old Sussex songs.

10. A publisher and newspaper editor, he lived at East Dean and founded both the Sussex County Magazine and the Society of Sussex Downsmen, and wrote several books on Sussex.

Sussex County Magazine

11. He came from north London to Worthing and tramped the Downs seeking out the old shepherds of Sussex, about whom he published the authoritative work.

12. Born in Hurstpierpoint and educated in Brighton, he became one of the most esteemed classical actors, and lived latterly at Balcombe.

The answers will be published with the next in the series or you can email us to let us know how you got on!

Post Script 

And the answers are:

  1. William the Conqueror
  2. Simon De Montofrd
  3. Bevis of Hampton
  4. William Penn
  5. Thomas Turner of East Hoathly
  6. Richard Cobden
  7. Alfred Lord Tennyson
  8. Hilaire Belloc
  9. Bob Copper of Rottingdean
  10. Arthur Beckett
  11. Barclay Wills
  12. Paul Schofield

Contributed by Peter Benner. 

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