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Sublime Sussex Smoked Salmon Paté

Not far from Polegate in East Sussex, something very fishy is going on. There’s a smokehouse, an intriguing selection of alcohol, an interesting backstory (for another day), and the brilliantly named The Pished Fish! Curious? Well, if you love salmon and you love the idea of a Sussex Smoked Salmon Paté, you’re going to love this!

Pished Fish

Alcohol infused smoked salmon

The Pished Fish is all about top-notch smoked salmon at its booze-infused best. It’s also fair to say that a lion’s share of this family business’s offer has historically revolved around a sublime selection of sushi-grade salmon fillets that have been meticulously smoked with a beguiling blend of meticulously mingled botanicals and alcohols: The Old Fashioned (whisky and orange), The Augustus Gloop (raspberry vodka and blueberries), Dark and Stormy (rum, lime and ginger) to name but a few.

But … 

At the start of 2022, The Pished Fish team decided that they wanted to build upon the winter seasonal success of Gilltong (a salmon-based biltong infused with either sweet chilli or teriyaki and honey) that from a standing start became their undisputed best seller throughout the Christmas period. This time the vision was to create an unashamedly enticing accompaniment tasked specifically with supporting the forthcoming season of “outdoors cuisine”, namely BBQs and picnics.

Sussex fish company

Made to James’ mum’s secret blend of smoked Scottish salmon, cream cheese, whisky, mustard flour, homemade horseradish sauce, free-range eggs, and black pepper, this is one deliciously dapper smoked salmon pate whose rich, creamy taste cues will take your breath away. Ideally suited to lightly toasted sour dough, rye crispbread, oatcakes, blinis (dare we say crumpets!) or any number of “dipping salad” veg; this is the must-have accompaniment for the coming season of garden get-togethers and countryside feasts. And I, for one, am packing my picnic basket already.

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