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The Best Shopping in Horsham

Exploring Horsham recently reminded me what a pretty town it is with lots of history, personality, and interesting nooks and crannies. If you’re shopping in Horsham, it’s also always worth remembering to look up, especially in East and West Street as there are some beautiful buildings from different periods which are all too easy to miss.

Horsham Carfax

There is also a fantastic selection of independent bars, restaurants, shops, and boutiques, many of which take great pride in not just the inside but the outside of their shops too, making it all the more charming.

Shopping in Horsham

So, if you’re thinking of shopping in Horsham, here are just some of the great little shops that we found:

The Horsham foodie

I’ve mentioned before that Horsham is an excellent place for the foodie, and whilst this may start with the twice-weekly market, it certainly doesn’t end there.

The Horsham Cellar

In the Carfax, you’ll find the Horsham Cellar and Crates, both of which are excellent if you’re looking for local produce (especially wine and spirits).

Horsham shops

A short walk from here (in East Street) is one of Horsham’s best-kept secrets: Town and County Weigh. It’s easy to walk past and miss, and they only take cash, but they will refill your containers and have a wonderful selection of herbs and spices, nuts, sauces, honey and much more. It’s a little bit of a step back in time but full of things you won’t find elsewhere – like Halva! And I particularly like the fact, that they leave a bowl of water for dogs outside.

Horsham shops

The town also has a couple of excellent bakeries, namely Gwyn’s Bakery in the Bishopric and Horsham Bakery (they also run bread-making courses) in Rowhook just outside the town. On the other side of town, in Elm Grove, you’ll find a traditional family butcher, LM Clapham. And although not on the high street, Horsham also has its very own cheese emporium, namely Cheese Culture where you can buy different cheeses or cheese boxes online or join their cheese club.

The fashionista

Horsham is also a great place for those looking for a fun, funky but functional wardrobe and there’s a delightful number of boutiques.

Horsham shops

Admittedly, there seems to be more in the way of women’s fashion, than men’s. But if it’s clothes you’re after, take a day off from the mundane, and peruse the delights of La Vida, Deja Style, All That Glitters, Sienna Rocks, and Essence of Fashion (which you’ll find out of town).

Horsham boutiques

Looking for pre-loved?

If you’re looking for bargains, vintage or pre-loved, Horsham has a number of high-quality charity shops which include Love It Again by Horsham Matters.

shopping in Horsham

The Homemaker

For the nesters and homemakers, you do not have to shop in the big chain stores to find those perfect pieces. Around the town, you’ll find Truly Chic Interiors in East Mews just off Piries Place, Caroline at Home in Swan Walk, and Moscy in Carfax (where they also serve coffee and cake).


Those with green fingers

Fairly new in town and in Swan Walk is Hugo & Green. They describe themselves as “houseplant experts driven by a passion for greening up indoor spaces and improving wellbeing…” and their shop is not only very cool but very green too! Perhaps unsurprisingly.

Horsham town centre

If it’s flowers you want, head over to Blackhorse Way to Fleurs. You’ll spot it by the gorgeous display outside.

shopping in Horsham

The rest of life’s curious essentials and shops you might have missed 

In Blackhorse Way, you’ll also find Willow Haven Crystals (it is quite easy to miss) which as the name suggests is where you can stock up on crystals but also incense, essential oils, jewellery,  various gifts and healings, readings and Reiki.

Horsham shops

In Swan Walk, comic fans should head to Gobsmack which is an absolute emporium of comics and other collectibles.

shopping in Horsham

Whilst if you head under the iron bridge on Brighton Road, you’ll find an angling specialist shop next to a bike repair shop. And when you’re finally done, make your way to Hush Yoga in Middle Street for a little bit of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Horsham yoga

Horsham definitely has its own distinct vibe, and successfully blends old with new. It is of course what it’s always been, a bustling market town with lots going on. With all its many twittens and alleys, and the fantastic al fresco culture of local cafés and restaurants, it’s a really great place to spend a bit of time just hanging out and exploring.

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