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Thunder’s Sussex Cocktail Hour

Autumn is upon us, and winter is in sight. And that means winter warmers and feisty cocktails are in order to help keep the cold at bay. After a chilly walk, Sussex is the place to thaw out and East Sussex-based Thunder Drinks is here to help with some Thunderous suggestions for Sussex cocktail hour.

Sussex toffee vodka cocktail

Thunder Toffee Vodka is the creation of John Lilly who back in the day was bar manager at the famous G-Jays-Bar in the chic French alpine resort of Val d’Isere. They know a thing or two about toffee vodka over there and John’s was credited as being the best toffee vodka in town. And when it comes to cocktails, John recommends a Winter’s Night (30 ml of Thunder Vodka, 20 ml of blended whisky of your choice, a square of chocolate and three walnuts on the side). Or try a shot of Thunder in a glass of mulled cider.

Sussex cocktail hour 

But for those looking for more ways to jolly up your winter nights, how about:

Sussex toffee vodka cocktail

The Banoffee Pie

The Banoffee Pie, Thunder’s very own Banana and Toffee Vodka cocktail. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, who enjoys a creamy dessert cocktail.


35 ml Thunder Toffee + Vodka

10 ml Banana Syrup

15 ml Frejya’s Crema Liqueur

8 ml Gomme (Sugar Syrup)

10 ml Butterscotch Schnapps

Melted chocolate to create a marbled effect as garnish.

How to mix 

Shake all the ingredients vigorously in a cocktail shaker, then pour into a chilled Martini glass. Melt the chocolate of your choice in a bain-marie, then use the melted chocolate to create a marbled effect on the inside of the cocktail glass.


This Toffee + Vodka Champagne cocktail is easy to make and is delicious.


30 ml Thunder Toffee + Vodka

Top with Champagne (or a Sussex sparkling wine).

To garnish use an apple slice. You could use an edible flower such as a hibiscus or you could put in some fresh raspberries.

How to mix 

Pour the measure of Thunder Toffee + Vodka into a champagne flute and then top up with Champagne.

The Toffee Apple 

The Toffee Apple, one of Thunder’s most popular apple vodka cocktails, is perfect for a Halloween-themed event. The sharpness of the lemon juice works perfectly with the sweetness of the toffee vodka.


50 ml Thunder Toffee + Vodka

25 ml Apple Schnapps

25 ml fresh apple juice

12 ml lemon juice

How to mix 

Shake well and pour into a high ball or Collins glass over crushed ice. If you do not have crushed ice do not fret, as cubed ice will work just as well and still taste amazing. Garnish with an apple fan & a dash of Grenadine for some colour.

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