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Tuck in to a Medieval Banquet (West Sussex)

Loxwood Joust Banquet

If 2022 is about anything, it’s surely about “foodie experiences” and in particular “immersive experiences”. And as I spend a lot of time thinking about food and Sussex, I get a bit excited about the idea of combining Sussex, food and immersion into one event. But this is exactly what you can expect at this fabulous Sussex Medieval Banquet.

Loxwood Joust Banquet

I’ve known about Loxwood Joust (tucked away in Loxwood Meadow just west of Horsham) for nearly a decade and each year, in my opinion, it’s gone from strength to strength. As someone who loves all things Medieval (and could watch The Last Kingdom on constant repeat), this is my annual chance to throw myself wholeheartedly into another life. Jousting is just the start, and for me, it’s about absorbing the smells and sounds of a Medieval village: the hiss, clang, and smoke from a forge, glimpsing a Medieval wedding in amongst the trees or the sound of a ballad from these ancient times. And if this floats your boat too, then I think you might love the Medieval banquet.

Loxwood Joust Banquet

What’s on the menu? 

Food stacked high in true banquet style is the first thing you can expect, as you enter the Royal Pavilion banqueting hall.  Flsru of fowle (roasted chicken wings), pork liver pate with summer fruits (mortrews with blostm), sliced ham with mead glaze (flicce with meodu), roast meat and vegan sausages, jewelled rice (grut gefraetewod), and vegan bean and spinach chilli should all whet your appetite as you stack your plate high.

Loxwood Joust Banquet

Then there are breads, sauces, more cold cuts, pickles, salads and more. Desserts include elderflower cheesecake (sambocade), damson tart, and gingerbread (gyngerbred). This is a feast for the gluttons (as well as a welcome break from the heat of the battles outside).

Loxwood Joust Banquet

It’s not just about the food

The banquet is a “Royal Feast” and so, you’ll find yourself surrounded by royal householders, lords, ladies, and maybe even the occasional jester. There are performances, entertainment and everything you might expect from a right royal banquet.

Loxwood joust Banquet

If you like the sound of this West Sussex Medieval banquet, you do need to book and prices are £25 for an adult. 

I may see you there.

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