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Spellbinding Leonardslee Illuminated 2022

Leonardslee Illuminated 2022

Leonardslee Illuminated 2022 is unashamedly magical, a little mysterious and with a dash of the exotic thrown in. Prepare yourself for an ever so slightly African and very compelling adventure. You are welcomed by the sparkling lights of a colourful carousel and the warming scents of a small Christmas market before you set off along a winding trail lit by sparkling fairy lights.

Leonardslee Illuminated

The first hint that this is Christmas with a difference is the bright and exotic flower that greets you, and then you round the corner towards the main house and step towards the first sound and light sensation.

Leonardslee Illuminated 2022

From this point on, you’re off on an adventure that takes you through brightly coloured tunnels, past owls and beasts, and onward towards the light display in the lake.

Leonardslee illuminated

Even on a cold winter night, there is something heartwarming and uplifting about this trail.

Leonardslee Illuminated

Of course, however mesmerizing the light and water, the sight of the earth (and later the moon) forever remain a special moment as the trail becomes more ethereal. And look out because there be fairies here too.

As you meander lakeside, giant lotus flowers shimmer gently on the lake, and the moon peeps teasingly in the distance.

And then at last, there she is, the moon hovering in the mist with her reflection rippling in the water.

Leonardslee Illuminated

It really doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 95, this is the stuff that the festive season should be made of. Grab tickets if you can, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Leonardslee Illuminated

You can find out more and book here: Leonardslee Illuminated 2022 

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