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Exploring East Sussex, banqueting at a feast, revving up at Goodwood & winding down with a walk

Welcome to the weekend and this week’s newsletter.

Every time I head out to explore, Sussex amazes me with its spectacular scenery and wonderful (if sometimes quirky) history and local events. And this week was no exception.

There is what appears to be a small and sleepy corner of East Sussex (just west of Eastbourne) that is so packed with interesting things and stunning views that it could take a week or more to explore. But I gave it my best shot, and discovered smugglers, famous speed boats, vineyards, folklore, walks, great food, heritage and a whole lot more.

Meanwhile, when you have finished exploring East Sussex, over in West Sussex things are hotting up with the Goodwood Festival Speed and the Loxwood Medieval Joust and banquet – and events don’t get much more diverse than that!

And as I know that you do like a good walk, why not head over to Harting Down. With incredible views, a little bit of intrigue and a great deal of serenity, it’s one of my favourite South Downs walks.

That’s it for now. Do keep cool, or stay dry (depending on what the weather throws at us this weekend) and see you next week!


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