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Horsham Ice Rink Opens (West Sussex)

At the moment, the Horsham ice rink is a roller rink. We’re waiting to hear whether the ice rink will be back this winter and will keep you posted. 

Admission time, I have a huge hidden passion for those Christmas Hallmark movies. You know the ones where the guy and gal fall in love at the end, and they all wear Christmas jumpers the whole time and drink an obscene amount of hot chocolate? Anyway, those are the Christmases I dream of – the well decorated, incredibly festive ones which involve snow and tasty treats.

Horsham Ice Rink

Fortunately, this year I got my wish and although we didn’t get a moment on screen, I was able to take the family to the Rec Ice Rink in Horsham Park where all my festive boxes were ticked.

Horsham Ice Rink

Multiple, fairy-lit Christmas trees? Tick.
Decadent hot chocolates and mulled wine? Tick and tick.
Roaring log fires? Tick (as long as you count the ones on the numerous screens in the building, which I did).
Sleigh? Snow machine? Festive music? Tick, tick, tick, so much so the pen runs out.

Seriously, this ice rink is Christmas with bells on.

Horsham Ice Rink

You may have visited the Rec Bowling Alley in Horsham Park, but gone are the pins and instead is a decent sized ice rink with loads of room to accommodate everyone, from absolute novices to those who can twirl and dance on the ice.

Horsham Ice rinkWhilst I had to forgo the skating (believe me I was devastated, but a torn Achilles doesn’t appreciate ice skates) my family took to the ice and the look of glee on my children (and husband’s) faces made up for my missing out. Although my husband took most of the brunt of hanging on to both children to get them around the rink until they felt confident to do it themselves, there were plenty of incredibly friendly helpers on the ice ready to help anyone, whether you’d fallen down or needed a bit of encouragement out on the ice. And, for those little ones who are a bit smaller than mine, there are the incredibly cute penguins or slightly larger polar bears to hang onto and push around to give stability.

By the end of the session we were all full of festive spirit, our faces cold but happy and my family so tired it was a peaceful evening for me. So peaceful I got to enjoy a hot chocolate and watch a movie. I won’t tell you which one.

To book your space on the ice, go to

Contributed by Lisa Brace 

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